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Shanghai Bocimed Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in drug research and development technical services, one of Shanghai high-tech enterprises, Shanghai integrity created enterprise, Shanghai SME innovation enterprises. The company started in 2007, formerly known as Shanghai MABCT Medicine Technology Co., Ltd., registered in Jinshan Petrochemical Zone, mainly engaged in sales of raw materials, the drug import registration and China regional cooperation development. Since it’s found, the company has been devoted to created a professional platform for international pharmaceutical cooperation, and provide effective method for cooperation with foreign partners while introducing foreign products and technology. Foreign companies are welcomed to contact us for API sales agent.

In year 2012, Shanghai Bocimed Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, opened the domestic R & D technical service, launched a number of drug development, sustained release preparation platform construction, intermediates and custom synthesis service. In year 2013,several import registrations Shanghai MABCT Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with foreign enterprises were approved by CFDA. In year 2014, a number of R & D service projectshave been accepted by CFDA, R & D services achieved 100% growth.

Since the establishment of the company, the registration pass rate of R & D registered products is 100%. In year 2016, Bocimed will integrate MABCT into the system, and begin to accept the audit from the GMP pharmaceutical enterprise for intermediates support, and will also integrate Chengdu Runze Technology Development Co., Ltd. into the company system, special commitment to clinical research and services. Runze has good cooperation relationship with West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, 1stHospital of Lanzhou University, with departments including academic, project management, audit, data management and statistical, BD, and has completed more than 30 items including clinical trial service I/II/III/IV period.

With the great changes in the pharmaceutical industry in 2015, the company take customer demand for oriented, carry out to improve the quality and level of drug development research services, and has already completed the whole chain of services from drug discovery, pre-clinical pharmaceutical research and development (R & D), phase I-IV clinical and registration, high quality R & D outsourcing services. Through standardized service and system management, the company has reduced the research and development cycle, enhanced the research and development efficiency, guaranteed the pass rate of the registration. The company has about 200 employees, and more than 10 items of drugshave been approved, accumulated to develop more than 90 medical technologies, among which more than20 has been applied for patent technology. Now the main customers of the company includeChia Tai TianQing, Cosunter Pharmaceutical, Shandong Luoxin, Sichuan Kelun, Buchang group and other domestic R&D top 10. At present the company has become the pharmaceutical R & D outsourcing service provider with leading position in China, and can provide series service for new drug R&D from drug discovery, research, registration, clinical, consistent evaluation, to CMO/API and integration solution for partners.


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  • 上海博志研新高新企业证书

  • 上海博志研新张江高科技园区孵化企业认定证书


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专利号 专利名称 状态
201410075116.1 (3R)-1-[(1R,2R)-2-[2-(3,4-二甲氧基苯基)乙氧基]环己基]-3-吡咯烷醇的制备方法 授权
201310317699.X 一种血管紧张素II受体拮抗剂及其关键中间体的制备方法 授权(见下图)


Vision and Values

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